In October 1970, Knysna Veterinary Clinic consisted of a single experienced vet offering rough and ready operations from a thatch-roofed rondavel. Today, we have an array of highly equipped and qualified clinics healing animals across the Garden Route.

First established by Dr. Andre Reitz, we are the oldest animal clinic in Knysna. As the years passed, our Sedgefield and Wilderness consulting rooms were born. Our Sedgefield branch is now a fully equipped practice that offers all the same services as our Knysna practice.

We predominantly work from our well-equipped clinics in Knysna and Sedgefield, and our consulting rooms in Wilderness, where we treat dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, small mammals, and really any creature that will fit through our doors. Our vets often enjoy farm calls, visiting horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, and even wildlife in need.

But there is no limit to the animal species we treat. We are so fortunate to work in the beautiful and environmentally diverse Garden Route, where we are surrounded by forest, fynbos, sand dunes and sea. The diverse wildlife we see in our clinics is astounding. The enigmatic Knysna Loerie, seahorses, raptors, bushbuck, sea- and freshwater birds, tortoises and turtles, are but a few of the species we help to heal. With the support of the wonderfully knowledgeable and specialized centres scattered around us, we often manage to rehabilitate or successfully release wounded critters back into the wild.

Our team of six experienced veterinary surgeons and three veterinary nurses, all qualified at Onderstepoort, and our dependable support staff, enjoy the challenges this diverse, rewarding work brings. We provide exceptional service and cutting edge veterinary science.

We also operate a Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC) once a month in Concordia, Knysna, where dogs and cats are vaccinated, dewormed and tick and flea treatments are administered.

Dogs and cats from the outreach clinic are spayed and neutered at our surgery.

Sedgefield Animal Matters (SAM) is a non-profit organisation purely helping animals in need in Smutsville and Sedgefield.

We assist SAM with treating sick and injured pets, and we make our facilities available for spays and neuters.