It’s wintertime again, and our old friends are feeling it. Arthritis is a surprisingly common condition in our older pets. It is often not noticed or simply ignored and brushed off as, “He is just getting older.”


Pearly whites, the kind that makes the tooth fairy smile, that’s what we’re talking about. Even our pets deserve a good, healthy set of gnashers.

Love your Pet

If the ticker ain’t working, the body suffers. The heart can best be described as a pump. If there is no blockage, or back-flow, there will be no shortage, or flooding.


Our picturesque Garden Route is arguably one of the world’s most amazing places to visit. Apart from the numerous very obvious reasons (no, really, how many places can boast so many excellent beaches, untamed forests and fynbos-clad sand dunes just minutes’ drive away from each other), we are remarkably dog-friendly.